About Us

About Us

AL MUTQAN STEEL IND.LLC is one among the UAE market leaders in refined stainless steel industry. We have devoted ourselves to providing high quality products and a wide range of stainless steel finishes. With experienced and advanced technology, MUTQAN STEEL is able to give full flexibility in customizing your needs.

Remarkable success and sustainable growth of MUTQAN STEEL have been achieved largely by strong loyalty users who accept nothing less but the best products and services. Our commitment to remain at the leading tip of the stainless steel industry is the key to assure your market position.

We specializes in designing & supply the equipment/stainless steel utility as per Customer requirement / specification. All our equipment / stainless steel utility items are certified by European Standard & ISO 9001.

Why Choose Us

Armed with the latest tools and technology, our design and fabrication team has been building equipment and components with confidence and precision since 15 years of experience. Challenge us… simple or complex, we will guide you and ensure your project is done right the first time

  • We have 15 + years EXPERIENCE fabricating products for virtually every industry..
  • We are dedicated to producing QUALITY products.
  • We guarantee your order will be delivered ON TIME, every time.
  • Our PRICE will be highly competitive because efficiency is key.
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