Finishing Services

Finishing Services

A wide variety of metal finishes are available to suit all your needs and budget. Polished finishes will cost more, but are still very popular for aesthetic and hygienic reasons.

Common Stainless Steel Finishes :

  • Mill/2B ~ smooth light grey, not finished, widely used, economical
  • #4 ~ brush finish, general purpose, commonly used for kitchen appliances
  • Blend S ~ low reflectivity, preferred choice for high traffic areas like elevator doors & lobbies
  • Mirror ~ highly reflective, non-directional
  • Glass Bead ~ uniform finish, low reflectivity

Also available:

  • Paint Finish Coat
  • Powder Coat

On-site Welding

We are proud to offer exceptional convenience to our customers. That is why we are pleased to provide a full range of ON-SITE welding services. Our welders are trained professionals and prepared for all conditions; inside or outside.